GPX Waypoint Generator

Please Note:

This is a non-functional prototype of a new user interface for the GPX Aviation Waypoint Generator. Please try it out and give me feedback.

What is GPX?

For more information about GPX and programs that support it, see this link. To read about or download a free copy of EasyGPS, a program that will load GPX data into many GPSes, see this link. To read about GPSBabel, a program to translate between many GPS format, see this link. Other programs that support GPX format are listed here.

Important Note

The data for outside the US is badly out of date. It is recommended that you do not use these databases for anywhere outside of the US.

Last Database Update

The database was last updated on 2017-02-28

You last generated a database on 2017-04-05

Filter Waypoints

Click the below options to see a change panel for that type

Geographic Area

Select the a geographic area to restrict your selection to. This will also reduce the number of countries or states/provinces that are shown in the Country/State Selection panel.

(decimal degrees NN.NNN)
(decimal degrees NN.NNN)


If you leave all the checkboxes unchecked, it will return waypoints in all countries that meet all the other criteria. If you select US or Canada, you will be able to select states or provinces from a further list below, or leave those checkboxes empty to select the whole country.

The two letter country codes you see below are from FIPS 10.4, not the more common ISO 3166, which is why you might not recognize some of these codes.

Note: Non-USA data is not as current as USA data, so carefully check this data. Actually, you should always check all this data against current official data sources.


Some US waypoints do not have any state associated with them, because they are in strange places like Utirik Island or Mejit Atoll or because they are over water. If you want these US waypoints, be sure and either leave all the state selections unchecked or also check "No State"


Some Canadian waypoints do not have any province associated with them, because they are in strange places in the gaps between provincial boundaries or they're over wayt. If you want these Canadian waypoints, be sure and either leave all the province selections unchecked or also check "No Province"

Fine Details

Runway Lengths In

Airport Types

Fixes in Charts

The various datasources I use aren't consistent about the "types" they use for navigational fixes, so it's better to select them by the type of chart they appear on.

"Notes" in the waypoint records

This generate uses an extended GPX schema to include extra information for waypoints. If your software can use this info, you can select it here.